Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am uncomfortable

I didn't cap this post with I am sick because, I am not having flu or fever. At least that's what most people's first reaction when they hear the word sick.

I have no idea how I got those. It happens last week Tuesday, and still having quite the same effects today.

I hope I am not grossing you guys up.  But, ya, this is what I have, all over my legs, one on my tummy, and two on my right hand's underarm.  It's real itchy.  Me think the one of the far most left turning dark due to me scratching them too much.  Most of them have a little bump in the middle.  Did you notice that there are four close bite marks? 

I went to consult a pharmacist in the store, and he told me that is scabbies, which scared the crap out of me.  So I quickly go back home to check out the scabbies' mark.  Phew~  Luckily my marks are quite different from the scabbies' mark.  Then I saw the flea marks, and, bingo (at least that's the closest of what I see).  Bed bugs usually bite the top of your body, and scabbies bites the lower. 

One with clear plasma in there.

One that I have scratched too much.  I scratch till the skin at the side actually bruised.

I have been using the extra strength itch relief cream.  But seems like the cream is not working for me.  The only could be solution is probably me sitting on the grass last Sunday.

I don't really know what to do.  If anyone has any idea, please let me know.  thousand thanks.

Mood:  Worry.
Music:  No Other - Super Junior

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  1. Hi there. Just searching the internet for scabbies pictures and it brought me here. It's been quite a while since this was posted. Believe that you have it settled long time ago. How was it?

    From my experience, it is the scabbies which I had 2 years ago. Believe me, it does not scared the crap out of me less than it did to you. I searched the net and fact findings about the scabbies. To the extend on the temperature that would kill the scabbies mites.

    Many facts and solutions which is really hard to follow and that the effect is slow. So, I took the drastic approach. Leave the house for more almost a week as the scabbies mites are not able to live without living on living things such as human or animals for more than 3 days. Then taking into consideration the life cycle of the eggs.. so leave home almost a week.

    Went to my mom's home and bathe with hot water from the water heater.. believe me I put the reading to the max and put it closely to each of the scabbies spot 3 - 5 mins each. After bathe the color turned grey instead of reddish.. and apply the scaboma lotion prescribed by doctor. Within 2 days.. it's totally gone.